ULTIMATE Challenge Level!!! Made for RyuKahr!

Share your codes for levels made in the New Super Mario Bros. U style.
Please give as much information about your levels as possible, including difficulty, name, description, and any additional information you wish to share.
Metro Nova
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ULTIMATE Challenge Level!!! Made for RyuKahr!

Postby Metro Nova » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:06 am

Heya! My name is Metro! This is a very hard level I made, for the SMM YouTuber himself, Ryukahr! This is a Super Mario bros U style level, with countless trolls and unpredictable obstacles! This took me a few days to make, and more than 4 hours to upload! I would appreciate it if you would play this level, because if it does not get a certain amount of views during a certain time, it will get removed, which is what happened to one of my other levels. This will be an ultimate challenge for those who attempt! Go play it now! https://supermariomakerbookmark.nintend ... -0398-2847

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