Alone In The Dark | A7BB-0000-02C4-F813

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Alone In The Dark | A7BB-0000-02C4-F813

Postby Dan_McLambert » Sat Dec 03, 2016 3:54 pm

Level Name: Alone In The Dark
Level-ID: A7BB-0000-02C4-F813
Difficulty: Normal
Theme: Ghost House/Ghost House
Description: Find the 10 red coins to get the key, to exit the house of lonelyness. In the center of the level you can choose in which order you want to do the 10 missions (some are quite short, some are longer) and you can also choose to which time you want to take a check point, which you´ll find in the center. You can also save by check point as many times as you want, but be careful about one thing: No matter if you took your last check point with 8 or 9 red coins...if you collect the final red coin and receive the key you must reach the goal. The way to the goal isn´t long (it´s directly behind the key door), but if you die after collecting the final red coin (for example through time out), all red coins would be gone. So if the time is about to run out you must decide yourself if you want take the risk of collecting the last red coin and quickly reach the goal or if you have your 9 red coins saved and take the time out.
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