Goomba's Shoe Properties

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Goomba's Shoe Properties

Postby Squadaloo » Sun Sep 20, 2015 11:07 pm

Goomba's Shoe is a rather unique item because how you change the enemy changes how the ability you get from wearing the shoe actually does. Here's all of the different properties of each shoe type. You can combine the winged and giant versions to have the abilities of both.

  • Goomba's Shoe: Acts about the same as in Super Mario Bros. 3. You can actually jump on Bowser for damage. Unlike in SMB3, however, you can jump out of the boot by pressing the spin button, just like jumping off of Yoshi in Super Mario World/New Super Mario Bros. U
  • Goomba's Stiletto: Acts the same as the Goomba's Shoe, but makes different sound effects when bouncing.
  • Winged Goomba's Shoe: Holding the jump button results in a hovering motion that effectively matches Yoshi's Flutter Jump in NSMBU.
  • Winged Goomba's Stiletto: Acts the same as the winged Goomba's shoe, but makes different sound effects when bouncing and fluttering.
  • Giant Goomba's Shoe: Gives you the ability to do a ground pound. The ground pound will send shockwaves out that also hurts enemies. It also kills munchers which makes it the only way in the game to do so (to my knowledge)
  • Giant Goomba's Stiletto: A more powerful version of the Giant Goomba's Shoe. While the shoe's ground pound will only kill munchers and enemies, the stiletto's ground pound will also destroy hard blocks and bullet bill launchers.

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Re: Goomba's Shoe Properties

Postby Dyne » Tue Sep 22, 2015 12:20 am

Thanks for the info; I learned of these playing your Boot Camp level. I had no idea about the ground pound properties of the big shoes, nor the destructive properties of the stiletto. This opens up a lot of possibilites for Puzzle levels, and further variation to Mariotroids.
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