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Postby L. Spiro » Fri Oct 16, 2015 12:25 am

Purrluna is a 21-year-old female from Sweden who is pretty decent at Super Mario Maker. She has a cute accent and a cute dog named Cola who sometimes helps her play.
I enjoy watching her because she is capable, notices good strategies (saving the Fire Flower for later in the video below, for example), and gets fun-to-watch excited sometimes (much more than shown below).

Here she is beating my latest and most intense creation, Goomba’s Castle ~ クリボーの城. It took her 1 hour and 20 minutes total, video shows the final run.

Most intense and amazing run: http://player.twitch.tv/?volume=0.5&video=v20784895&time=7309

So watch her stream and send her some love! She may play and post your levels too!

L. Spiro

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