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Postby L. Spiro » Fri Oct 02, 2015 2:45 pm

A Twitch streamer I am enjoying now is: craddoc.

He is Finnish (streams in English) and hopes to become a professional streamer.
He takes viewer levels and tends to aim high in the difficulty, but he is very persistent and does not give up easily. He has cleared a few Panga and LobosJr. levels. If you have Kaizo levels, he is one guy sure to give it an honest try.
He is fun to watch, partly because he actually doesn’t have a huge history in Mario games so you get to watch him grow and yet still be able to give him advice, but also because he’s keeping his frustration real. It’s not a kids’ channel. You’re going to get some real-time venting, anger, frustration, and sometimes celebrations that end in death, only because of the celebration itself.

Enjoy watching the stream when he is online, and be sure to give him a subscribe. Enjoy watching someone else vent your anger for a change! :lol:

He also beat Bloodborne without healing, as reported here:

L. Spiro

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